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Hearing Protection

One of the most common occupational health issues is Noise Induced Hearing Loss. It is also the only hearing loss that is 100% preventable with the correct hearing protection.


We supply custom made hearing protection moulded for the individual’s ear for paramount protection as well as comfort.


They are then 100% leak-tight tested, adjusted for communication in noise and training is provided in the use and care of the product. The product is SABS approved and an ISO Certificate is available on request.


 They can be worn in the workplace as well as for recreational noise.



Lifestyle Products

Sleep Plugs:

If you struggle to sleep in a noisy environment, then sleep plugs may be the answer. They are custom moulded from a soft silicon in a variety of colours.


They are comfortable, durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Perfect for the frequent traveller, light sleeper or for one that sleeps next to a snorer.




Swim Plugs:

It is important to protect your ears while participating in water sports such as swimming or even just while bathing or showering to help prevent infections, ear ache or swimmers ear. Swim plugs might be the solution you have been looking for.





if you have a Bluetooth or other communication device installed on your motorcycle or helmet and struggle to hear while you are riding you could benefit from the use of a Motocom.


The product is custom made in-the-ear earpieces that replaces the speakers in your helmet using a long cable that is comfortable and practical. It is ideal to use for any motorsport or activity where a helmet and communication is required.






The MotoEar is ideally suited for motorcyclists, quad bikers and motorsport enthusiast to protect the hearing while wearing a helmet. A seal test or screening test can verify effectiveness.





In-Ear Monitors:

These In Ear Monitors combine performance, sound and lifestyle in one, making use of special receiver technology and custom moulding for the perfect fit. Whether you are a guitarist, drummer, singer or general musician the In-Ear Monitor can work for you.



Please contact our dedicated and knowledgeable staff if you have any further queries regarding any of the above products.



Hearing Aids

Once the full hearing evaluation is complete and it is determined that a hearing aid is the best solution to manage your hearing loss, the audiologist will discuss and explain in detail all your options:

Types of Hearing aids

Hearing aids can be classified in mainly 3 categories namely:






Depending on your hearing evaluation results, lifestyle and budget, your audiologist will present you with a few options and styles to choose from.


During the decision making process, your input will greatly impact any choices made. You will be a part of the process every step of the way.  We know that hearing aids can be quite costly and so we have a variety of brands available to you.

You can rest assured that we will have an option to suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Fitting Process

Once you have made your choice of brand and type of hearing aids we will schedule a fitting appointment for you.

As your hearing is our number one priority, we use only the latest and best technology to programme your hearing aids. We make use of real-ear measurements to ensure that your new hearing aids are set optimally to your individual needs and hearing requirements.


Sometimes adjustments to the hearing aids are necessary to ensure the best possible listening experience is achieved. We offer free follow-up visits for 3 months after the purchase of your hearing aids and we encourage you to make use of the visits to voice any questions you may have.


Our dedicated audiologists are here to assist you.

After Sales Service

Taking care of your hearing aids can seem daunting, but we have a dedicated team of professionals that make the task much easier for you.

Servicing your hearing aids extends their lifetime and makes major repairs much less likely as we can pick up a minor problem earlier.


We have an In-House service centre to re-tube moulds, clean and service any make or model hearing aids as well as to do minor troubleshooting on hearing aids that seem to be faulty. As such we do not have to send hearing aids to manufacturers for minor services.


We stock a wide range of consumables such as drying aids and batteries to assist you in the care and management of your hearing aids.


We also have a Battery Club Card that rewards you with free batteries when purchasing your batteries with us on a regular basis.

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Our Hearing Aids are fine-tuned according to your hearing using sophisticated technology.

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